First tennis tournament on the North Coast with UTR (Universal Tennis Ranking)

Para compartir!

We are opening registration for the tennis tournament «Puerto Plata Open». This year is officially eligible for UTR (Universal Tennis Ranking).

There are 5 different categories:
Category Open (Male and Female together) – prize of RD$ 5,000 for the Winner!
Men’s B
Women’s B
Juniors (Male and Female together divided by age and level to different groups)
Mini Tennis – 4-8 years old
Registration is open on the UTR page or we can register you at the Tennis Center.


If you have problems with registration just let us know we are here to help.

Fast Sets Matches (until 4 games) , all with regular Tie Break to 7 points if the score is 3-3.
Super Tie Break to 10 points for the Third Set.
Juniors: Serves that touch the Net and look good must be played!
Adults Only: Touch of Net and it falls well, the serve is repeated!
Games «no advantage in 40-40» for all Categories.
Mini tennis 1 set to 7 points

Few words about UTR:

  • As this is a «Verified» tournament, all participants will obtain the classification used by University coaches in the USA to recruit players, by professional player analysts and by organizers of verified events.
  • UTR classifies all Players by the actual Level of play making the matches more balanced and fun for everyone! Just by playing 1 match, the Algorithm will assign you a «Projected» UTR. After you have played between 6 and 10 matches, you will have a «Trusted» UTR.
  • With UTR «Play Local – World Account» !

Some videos about UTR:

We are waiting for you! And see you soon!

+1 (829) 886 73 45 – Ilya (Director)

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